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Ce qu'en dit la presse:


Jean Pierre Llabador (dit El Bobo) est nominé aux Victoires de la Musique 2008 dans la catégorie Album Jazz et comme artiste de l'année avec son album "Give Me Five" ! Alors si vous êtes un professionnel du jazz et du spectacle, votez pour lui en masse afin qu'il obtienne la récompense suprême ! Encore bravo Bobo ! Retrouvez-le sur son myspace:

Born in Nemours/Ghazaouat (North Africa) on December 15, 1952.

Graduated with a B.A in English literature and philosophy (University Montpellier III).

Studied at Conservatoire National de Musique in Montpellier, France. Graduated with two special awards from the M.I. - Guitar Institute of Technology in LA.

Founded the band, "Coincidence" with his brother Jean-Claude in the 70s (2 albums, European tours).

At the beginning of the 80s, tours and performs many national and international concerts and festivals as well as various radio and television shows (e.g. Michel Drucker's "Champs Elysees" Channel 1) with artists such as Johnny Hallyday, Kim Wilde. . . Also performs various studio dates with many artists (please see biography).

Since 1984, he has dedicated himself to jazz and toured intensively with his various groups (from the duo to the 15-musician Orchestre de Jazz du Languedoc Roussillon which he co-leads with Rene Bosc), appearing at many national and international jazz concerts and festivals. With his current 10 albums as a leader, he has regularly been recording and offering the evolution of his creativity.

Jean-Pierre also constantly participates to various conductors' and musicians' projects.

En ecoute

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A remarquable guitar player who in addition has the makings of a rich and original composer. . . Whether performing with his quartet, quintet, big band or duo, Jean-Pierre steadfastly displays proof of his admirable talent in the most varied compasses... Subtle composition, delicate arranging and faultless performance: a magnificent music rich in lyricism, inventiveness and cohesion. . .

Today, Jean-Pierre's musicality, smooth playing, inspiration and mastery of the guitar have reached the level of the Greats. . . Llabador is at the zenith of his art.

Claude Oberg, Jazz Magazine.



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